Morocco – our food supply

  “It’s kind of amazing that our future food supply depends so much on what happens in this one country.” Those are the words of journalist Brendan Borrell during an interview with Planet Money earlier this year. He was talking about Morocco. The reason our future food supply depends so much on this North African Read more about Morocco – our food supply[…]

Britain not part of the new EU

If you have followed us for a while, you probably know about Herbert W. Armstrong’s long-time prophecy that Britain would not be part of the NEW UNITED EUROPE. However, Mr. Armstrong long believed that France would be part of the seventh and final resurrection of the prophesied Holy Roman Empire. How did he know this? He used the Bible Read more about Britain not part of the new EU[…]

All the Sea Gates – who is going to take them over and who will fall!

Isaiah 23 prophesies of a coming trade war against the United States, and in this conflict, Europe and Asia will temporarily ally against America. In the Trumpet article “The Great ‘Mart of Nations,’” we explain how this prophecy will play out:   Isaiah’s prophecy is marching toward fulfillment. It links with parallel prophecies in Ezekiel Read more about All the Sea Gates – who is going to take them over and who will fall![…]

What I have to say …

I decided to start this blog page, not necessarily to have discussions with folk, but more the need to have found a platform to share the content hereof. I am interested in many topics and not all of them are FB suitable! I read a lot – and you will need to read a lot Read more about What I have to say …[…]

What will Putin do with 6 more years of power?

“What Will Putin Do With Six More Years of Power? The international stage is set for the strongman to lead Russia in an even more aggressive direction. BY JEREMIAH JACQUES Vladimir Putin surprised no one by securing another term as Russia’s president. The final tally shows that he crushed all his rivals with 77 percent of Read more about What will Putin do with 6 more years of power?[…]

10 Fulfilled Prophecies

Ten Fulfilled Prophecies (followed since 2010)     Europe’s Unification Since its inception, the Trumpet has prophesied the unification of Eastern and Western Europe. This happened in 2004, when a huge swath of Eastern Europe joined the European Union. Even as Bonn and Rome sparked the Balkan wars, we said this would yield the EU’s first colonies; Read more about 10 Fulfilled Prophecies[…]

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