10 Fulfilled Prophecies thus far

Ten Fulfilled Prophecies FROM THE FEBRUARY 2010 TRUMPET PRINT EDITION   Europe’s Unification Since its inception, the Trumpet has prophesied the unification of Eastern and Western Europe. This happened in 2004, when a huge swath of Eastern Europe joined the European Union. Even as Bonn and Rome sparked the Balkan wars, we said this would yield the EU’s Read more about 10 Fulfilled Prophecies thus far[…]

America’s Retreat From Global Leadership?

America’s Retreat From Global Leadership ISTOCK.COM/DAVEALAN A trend that is reshaping the world order BY ANDREW MIILLER https://www.thetrumpet.com/16704-americas-retreat-from-global-leadership What happens when a superpower loses its superpowers? History shows that when a superpower declines, rival nations challenge it for global supremacy. The end result is almost always war. For seven decades, the world has had relative peace Read more about America’s Retreat From Global Leadership?[…]

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