Isaiah 23 prophesies of a coming trade war against the United States, and in this conflict, Europe and Asia will temporarily ally against America. In the Trumpet article “The Great ‘Mart of Nations,’” we explain how this prophecy will play out:


Isaiah’s prophecy is marching toward fulfillment. It links with parallel prophecies in Ezekiel and Revelation to clearly depict the interdependent relationship developing between Germany and China. And it reveals the startling outcome.


Chapters 22 and 23 of Isaiah identify these two great markets in a few different ways. In Isaiah 23:1, China is called by its ancient name, Chittim. The same verse calls the German-dominated European Union by the term used to describe a major economic power extant at the time the prophecy was written: ancient Tyre.


In this prophecy, the great northern trading power of today (of which Tyre is used as a type) is shown in relationship to China, the sea (verses 2, 4, 11), oceans (“great waters,” verse 3) and ships (verses 1 and 14) and mentioned in relation to seaborne merchant traffic (verse 8)—all within the context of a great international market.


Isaiah 23:13 mentions “the Chaldeans” and “the Assyrian.” Prophetically, these terms refer to a great end-time European power, a union of church and state, led by Germany, whose biblical identity is Assyria, or Asshur.


An associated prophecy in Ezekiel 27:1-6 again uses maritime terms in association with merchants enacting trade via the sea between Tyrus (called “the king of the north” in Daniel 11) and the Ashurites (Germany) in association with Chittim (China). The theme continues in relation to the main subject, Tyrus, a type of the prophesied king of the north, in verses 8-9, 12 and 22-25.


Nations mentioned in verse 21 are in the context of trade with Tyrus. Still others, especially Greece (Javan), now a virtual vassal state of the German-led EU, and Russia (Meshech and Tubal), hugely exposed to EU debt and greatly dependent on German exports, are also mentioned in verses 13 and 15. Japan and Southeast Asia (Togarmah) are also brought into the equation in verse 14.


This all bespeaks a massive trading power having open access to sea-gates for global trade and a powerful linkage with China at the prophesied “latter days” (Daniel 10:14).


Taken in context, the prophecies of Isaiah 23 and Ezekiel 27 align perfectly with those of Revelation 13:16-17 and Revelation 18. These all point specifically to the current interdependence of the world’s two major trading blocs: the German-dominated EU and China.


Look at how this prophecy is being fulfilled today. The facts are astonishing. From 2005 to 2015, total EU exports to China climbed from $59 billion up to $193 billion. During the same period, EU imports from China more than doubled, soaring from $182 billion to $395 billion. And Germany accounted for 45 percent of Europe’s exports to China and 28 percent of EU imports from China. In 2014, China opened its first European chamber of commerce in Berlin, in hopes of further promoting economic relations and investment in Europe. In 2015, Germany’s trade with China totaled $177 billion. If current trends persist, China will become the biggest single destination for German exports by 2020.


That is some incredible detail wrapped up in the Scriptures!


Deuteronomy 28 lists some of the curses bound to come upon America for its disobedience to God’s laws. As part of these curses, it says, “The Lord shall bring a nation [Germany] against thee from far, from the end of the earth, as swift as the eagle flieth, a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand, a nation of fierce countenance, which shall not regard the person of the old nor shew favor to the young …. And he shall besiege thee in all thy gates until thy high and fenced walls come down, wherein thou trustedst, throughout all thy land: and he shall besiege thee in all thy gates …” (verses 49-50, 52).


As Latin America increases its trade with—and its economic dependence on—Europe, it will be a vitally important player in Europe and Asia’s economic attack on America. It will “besiege” America in its “gates.” Latin America is geographically placed in perfect position to disrupt the United States’ most important sea-gate—the Gulf of Mexico!


This is an urgent trend that must not go unnoticed. It is leading toward America’s economic collapse.


Watch for this trend to continue as Europe and Latin America strengthen their relationship.


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