I decided to start this blog page, not necessarily to have discussions with folk, but more the need to have found a platform to share the content hereof. I am interested in many topics and not all of them are FB suitable! I read a lot – and you will need to read a lot too – should you choose to jump on here. Years of reading that I am trying to get out there. My main thrust is the being watchful of world events and how they tie up with Biblical Prophecy. We know prophecy is a contentious issue. But my belief in Jesus Christ will not waiver, despite the many attempts by satan to deceive the world. I am also mindful of what is happening in our beloved country … sadly … we are in for the roughest time earth has ever seen, until Christ returns to restore all things.  See, we are heading into a time where, as satan is the ruler of this earth, we are going to see things so abominable and horrific and horrendous, while he has his way here on earth, deceiving the masses, lying about Christ to all, confusing many, that is his role … so until Jesus returns, his day is now and will be, and in his time, which is now, we are also going to be led to believe that Jesus is Lucifer’s son and that Lucifer is god. Many believe this already and that forms part of the New World religion. I do not look forward to the times predicted ahead, but all I know, is that I have no doubt in my mind that YAHASHUA is real, He is the only LIVING God, and He is going to return and set things straight ….

I suggest you follow Isaac Weishaupt on IlluminatiWatcher.com as he covers in depth all the sickness that is going on in the music industry, film industry etc. just take a good look when you watch movies or watch music videos, you will always see: a black and white checkered floor, the horns of moloch, the bath tub of blood, the vow of silence by the hushing of lips, the all seeing eye of horos, the 666 hand gestures, the secret societies who are no longer secret, and their agenda on transhumanism etc. I truly believe that all our musicians who have died such early and untimely deaths, have all been offerings to the god of music … Follow his site, he covers so much in such incredible detail.

On that note, I also must apologise as i am not a regular blogger, I have long periods of time where I am just digesting the information I am coming across, and sometimes I go into hiding … as and when something of interest takes place, I will be posting.  This platform for me too was not a place where I wanted to get into any heated arguments or debates with anyone.

I ask that you read the information, and that you test it for yourself, that you search further on the topics mentioned, do your own research, after all, this is MY_MIND – ask for spiritual discernment (from YAHASHUA) so that the Holy Spirit can lead and guide you into all truth. We are heading into a time where nothing will be thought of as ‘Truth’, any talk of Jesus will be no longer allowed, so while I can, I will speak, until the persecution of Christ’s church begins in my town …

Whether you believe in Jesus Christ or not, as being the Son of the Living God, that is your prerogative, as this is mine.

Be prepared, we are heading into the most filthiest, ugliest, most brutal of times ahead – keep your faith – keep your eyes on Jesus – and know that you will be persecuted for His Name’s sake, this he warned us, fear not, stand fast and let us run this race knowing that all heavenly hosts await us.

IN Love,




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